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Mergers and acquisitions present challenging projects for IT departments and the scale and complexity are often underestimated. The level of involvement of local IT staff in these projects will be dependent on the terms of the merger or acquisition and often there will be a third party company engaged to assist with the IT aspects of the project. These projects always involve many stakeholders from across the firm, from application owners to custodians of data and department heads to compliance officers the breadth of the scope is considerable. These projects are usually split into three phases, the first being the identification of the business requirements, the identification of all infrastructure, applications, data and users necessary to continue to provide the service in the new organisation. This information gathering phase is often regarded as ‘light-touch’ and not given the care and attention it requires, yet it forms the foundation of the whole project and spending more time in this phase will ensure a far smoother implementation. The second phase is the design, testing and implementation of the new infrastructure and the definition of the new service models and associated service level agreements. The third phase is the ‘Go-Live’ and extended support period. The details will of course vary and are largely dependent on the terms of the merger, acquisition or separation as well as the type of business and the sector within which it operates.

One of the biggest risks that we see when undertaking these types of projects involves the IT staff who may have concerns about the validity of their positions within the new environment or who may already be leaving the firm before or during the project, taking with them valuable knowledge and skills. These situations can lead to increased cost and can also affect project timelines.

FMIT Solution


Fully Meshed IT has been directly involved in a number of these projects over the last few years. Our clients range from global media agencies and creative studios to international financial firms. We have acted for both the buyers and the sellers of these deals which gives us an excellent vantage point when discussing these types of projects with new clients, as we are often able to identify key areas of concern that may go undetected without the benefit of our experience. We can be engaged in any way your business needs us to be, whether it is as a trusted consultant, a provider of technical expertise and resources or as an entire project delivery partner. We pride ourselves on being able to dynamically adapt to our clients’ needs and to provide them with exactly what they need when they need it. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Mergers and Separations
  • My company is looking to sell a portion of the business in-line with a new initiative to focus on core activities. I need to ensure I can effectively separate this business unit and their resources in readiness for the sale.
  • Fully Meshed IT has a wealth of experience in logically and physically separating corporate resources in challenging, often regulated environments and we can help you to achieve your goals in any way necessary, including assisting your staff, providing technical resources and full project delivery.
  • My company has acquired another firm and I am responsible for integrating their IT systems with ours, there is no documentation and key IT staff have already left the firm.
  • We are skilled at detailed infrastructure analysis and documentation and can provide you with the facts you need to make informed decisions. We can fully manage the integration of additional IT infrastructure whilst adhering to your security standards and design principles.
  • My company has merged with another company and our IT departments are too busy servicing the needs of the business to be able to work on merging the infrastructures.
  • Fully Meshed IT can act as an independent third party consultant for you advising on strategy, design and implementation aspects. We can also provide technical resources to get the job done or to backfill other positions whilst your staff undertake the merging activities. Get in touch to discuss your needs today