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While the typical corporate user hardware lifecycle period runs over three years, your users are upgrading their mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. at a far more aggressive pace and increasingly want to use their own devices to access corporate data and services. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) incorporates Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) strategies and at a very basic level it allows users to consume corporate services safely and securely from any device they choose. The boost to user satisfaction along with the reduction in corporate user hardware spend are common motivations for pursuing a BYOD strategy. Indeed, having a BYOD initiative within your firm will likely increase your chances of attracting the best talent as many potential recruits’ place BYOD right at the top of their benefits list along with things like private health care and bonus schemes. 

But BYOD can also be treacherous when not fully understood or correctly implemented. Firstly, it can be expensive, very expensive when not properly scoped and designed. While there are savings to be made on the desktop, there is investment required in the datacentre. There are licensing costs to consider along with decisions regarding software vendors and hardware requirements. Secondly, it can threaten data security and put a company’s sensitive business systems at risk although this is not mitigated by not having BYOD strategy, it just means there are now devices on your network which you do not own or manage so additional risk mitigation strategies need to be defined and implemented.

FMIT Solution


Fully Meshed IT can provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you to define, scope and implement your mobility and BYOD solutions. We can guide you through the vendor selection process and ensure that your business requirements are fulfilled while maintaining both the integrity and security of data. We can provide vendor certified engineers to help you and your staff to implement the solution and we can help you to update your disaster recovery plans to incorporate the new environment. BYOD is about being innovative and helping your users to work smarter and we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Mobility and BYOD
  • BYOD has been defined by the board as a business requirement and I need an unbiased partner to guide me through the vendor selection process and to help me discover which software best suits my needs?
  • Fully Meshed IT has extensive knowledge of all the BYOD and mobility solution providers. Being vendor agnostic allows us to help you to identify the best mix of hardware and software to deliver your project focusing on your needs rather than software features.
  • I have a remote desktop infrastructure but it is dated and does not support Android or Apple devices properly, what can I do to improve the user experience?
  • We are always keeping abreast of new technology and have undertaken many upgrade projects where we have been able to identify new, more efficient and often cheaper solutions to existing challenges.
  • I’ve arrived at a new post and I need specialist, vendor certified engineers to help me to audit, document and upgrade the mobile computing infrastructure as there is no in-house knowledge.
  • We are regularly asked to provide specialist resources to audit and document all sorts of different infrastructure, usually when a company has been acquired or there has been a loss of local resource. Fully Meshed IT is able to provide you with the information you require to make informed decisions for the benefit of your business.