FMIT Solution


As technology continues to change and evolve and your business IT strategy moves forward, the need to deliver your future will create new challenges.

There are many occasions where technology refreshes are deemed to be necessary to drive your business forward and these opportunities must be seized for the good of your future. IT equipment is generally said to be obsolete within 3 years. While this may not align to the amortization rate according to your finance team, the fact remains that technology moves on within the blink of an eye and keeping current will not only will deliver a better service to your customers and drive sales, but will also keep your staff engaged and motivated. In addition to this, when software has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by the vendor it makes sense to upgrade the hardware it resided on as the chances are that the current hardware is not supported by the replacement product.

Many companies do not have the required skills in-house to implement the upgrades and when a company scopes their infrastructure refresh, advancements in technology i.e. virtualisation, cloud computing and mobile working require specialist knowledge.

FMIT Solution


Fully Meshed IT has many years experience of technology refresh projects, complemented by our extensive network of infrastructure specialists.

We understand the need to keep budgets firmly in mind when proposing new infrastructure. We are equally adept at spec’ing, procuring and deploying new solutions as we are at guiding your team and backfilling their roles allowing them to get hands on experience with deploying cutting edge solutions. We are big believers in empowering your team to deliver your projects on time and within all defined constraints.

Technology Refreshes
  • I need to refresh my hardware infrastructure, which solution best fits my needs whilst representing the best value for money for the business?
  • Fully Meshed IT has extensive knowledge of modern technology and we pride ourselves on identifying the best solution for your requirements. We are vendor agnostic and base our recommendations purely on your needs.
  • My datacentre operating systems are approaching end of life, I need to know what new hardware I need to futureproof me from further expense.
  • We have undertaken many software end-of-life projects and being a consultancy and not a reseller we are able to expertly advise you on matters relating to hardware uplifts and where best to reuse your existing hardware.
  • We are moving building and have been given a budget to build a new datacentre.  Which hardware should I be considering and how can I ensure my staff are involved and educated as part of this project?
  • Building moves and greenfield datacentre build outs are very common projects that we are engaged in. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding all aspects from vendor selection, power and cooling requirements, rack layouts and hardware density optimisation. In addition to this we encourage the engagement of your staff and regularly hold skills transfer sessions to empower them.